Hi, I am Md Yamin

software developer

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What I do

Frontend + Backend

I am a full stack developer. I can design and develop software as well as website. I have knowledge and hands-on experience on Javascript (Node.js, React.js, Express.js), Python (Flask), MongoDB, C#, C/C++, etc.

Penetration Testing

I am a Cyber Security Specialist or Penetration Tester or you might say an Ethical Hacker. I have gathered knowledge based on Linux, Networking, Web Penetration, Cryptography, Forensics etc. I have implicated with many hackers group earlier.

SQA or Software Tester

I am a Software Quality Assurance or Software Tester. I have done a short time internship in a company on it. I have worked on Automation Testing using Selenium (Python) and Protractor (Javascript/TypeScript), Load Tesing using JMeter, Robot Framework etc.

Machine Learning & AI

I am a newbie learner in this field. I have learned some algortihm and still learn in my leisure time. I have done a project called AI Doctor. If I get oppurtunity to do higher studies I will work on this topic Inshaallah.

Who I am

Thirsty for knowledge & a quick learner

I am an explorer of this resourceful universe. Every time I explore, I find a new amusing thing to know, and if it can grasp my attention, then I learn it. I always feel thirsty for gathering knowledge from this enriched world.

I love to develop new things, especially in technology. I love to code and build new projects. I also love to learn new technologies. I have little experience in many different computer technologies.

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My work

A selection of my range of work